How Secondary Glazing Can Keep You Cool This Summer

How Secondary Glazing Can Keep You Cool This Summer

Secondary glazing offers just as many benefits to homeowners during the summer as it does during the winter. Keeping the heat out of your home during the hotter months of the year will make life more bearable when the temperature rises inside your living spaces.

Instead of waiting for the summer to pass and struggling with the heat before installing secondary glazing, you will gain instant benefits from investing in two panes of glass sooner rather than later. Below are some of the key ways in which it can help, along with some tips on how to keep cool in your home this summer.

It keeps you cooler inside your home

The insulation properties of secondary glazing is often spoken about in terms of keeping you warm during the winter months, helping to maintain heat inside the home. However, it also does the same job during the summer months by helping to lower the amount of heat transferred into the property.

All windows experience solar heat gain but the amount will depend on the type of window installed in the frame. Using secondary glazing with improved thermal properties – such as tinted or Low-E glass – will help to keep the temperature lower in the room at the height of summer.

Secondary glazing improves home security

Those two or three weeks spent away from home in the summer are usually the longest periods of time we are not in our normal surroundings. It also brings with it the concern of our property being left unguarded but secondary glazing plays a vital role in helping manage this worry.

Secondary glazed windows will not only be locked securely from the inside using high quality locking systems, but the unseen ‘second barrier’ of glazing on the inside is extremely tough and far more likely to stop any thieves trying to get into your home.

You will have a far more peaceful summer

When the sun is out people naturally want to go outside and enjoy it as much as possible. This also means there are more BBQs and dinner parties going on to later in the night, preventing you from relaxing at home. However, installing secondary glazing will help to keep sound pollution down to a minimum.

Many homeowners install secondary glazing to help control external sound levels as it can lower noise by up to 50 decibels. This will help block out loud music, noisy neighbours and absorb the sound made by nearby traffic on busy roads of streets.

Keep yourself cool this summer

As hot as it is outside this summer, staying cool inside is another challenge that comes along with consistently high temperatures. Here are a few helpful tips to help keep the house a little cooler.

  • If possible, hang wet washing outside and keep shower time down to a minimum as this will reduce the amount of humidity created throughout the house.
  • Keep windows open whenever possible to create better air flow, especially in the evening when outside temperatures begin to cool.
  • Darker, thick curtains and blinds are best left open as it may trap heat inside the room. Closing lighter curtains can reflect the UV rays out of the room lowering the temperature.
  • We also have a clever sash window hack for homeowners this summer. On the downwind side of your home open the upper section of the sash windows, and on the upwind side of your home open the lower section of your sash windows. The low pressure will suck the air through your home creating a wonderful cooling effect.